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Agtech Mission in Israel

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Mark was selected by the Queensland Government to participate in an Agtech Mission to Israel early in August, travelling with 11 other delegates to Tel Aviv to enjoy a high quality, curated “Landing Pad” program designed to assist participants grow their companies by providing strategic value.

Israel is known for its leading technology and innovation expertise, especially in the agricultural sector and, with its challenging shortage of natural resources, “growing more with less” is paramount to its ability to produce sustainable quantities of its domestic horticultural fresh food requirements as well as its export requirements.

The mission was a joint initiative between Advance Queensland, Austrade, and Startup Catalyst and targeted innovative Queensland companies that have technology-based products or services for the agriculture sector, and are export ready. Transforming the global food system requires continuous improvements and advancements in the field of agriculture technology and we at Hydrox believe that Solar Shrink mulch fits this bill quite well. The feedback we received about Solar Shrink was very positive

All of this would not be possible without you – our customers. So, thank you very much for all your continued support. We really appreciate it and look forward to working with you as we take Hydrox Technologies from strength to strength.

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