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Solar Shrink is manufactured up to 50% thinner than any other mulch products enabling it to be competitively priced.

Less weight of plastic per foot means less plastic to be disposed of, reducing the environmental impact of plastic waste.

Laying efficiency is vastly improved, with each Solar Shrink roll having more feet, leading to less roll change stoppages.



The technology behind Solar Shrink Mulch Film is patented and no other agricultural plastic is produced by this method.

The film is manufactured on custom built machinery, which physically modifies the molecular structure of the sheet, vastly increasing its breaking strength and puncture resistance and building in shrinking stresses.

Solar Shrink uses polymers designed to increase film toughness when made by the unique manufacturing process. These polymers, combined with chemically resistant UV light stabilizers and nano-particle sized carbon black, with no cheap fillers, ensure the sheet retains its strength for the entire season.

This retention of strength permits Solar Shrink to be easily lifted and removed by machine, saving approximately nine man hours per acre compared to manual lifting.

The waste film is cleaner and less contaminated for recycling, with reduced loss of topsoil.



Solar Shrink mulch is not elastic but shrinks permanently in sunshine, conforming to the contours of the bed, providing improved soil heating, even on rough and uneven ground.

The shrinkage results in a drum tight sheet with no flapping or movement of the plastic in the wind. This ensures that hot air and moisture remain trapped in the soil under the sheet.


Utah State University Study of Plastic Mulch Use for Vegetable Production

Seedlings are protected from dehydration with no escape of super-heated air and are protected from damage by rubbing of loose plastic.

Michigan State University Study of Mulch Film Heat Damage


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